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7 day trial - 3 classes for $45!
14 day trial - 6 classes for $69!

New Client Specials!

  • Get introduced & learn your basics!
    25 US dollars

MUST pre-book online for ALL  classes a minimum  12 hours prior to class.  Business hours are subject to class sign ups. Schedule is subject to change, please re-check regularly.

You MUST do the Pre Req Studio Intro prior to all classes (Only SELECT  Workshops, Couples Candlelight Night, & Pole Parties excluded).

**Studio will be closed on Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving,  Christmas, & New Years**

Drop-In Price - $25/Class

(excludes workshops, stage night, private lessons, pole parties)

Help us go paperless by filling out our Online Waiver

BE ADVISED THAT THE STUDIO ALLOWS ALL GENDERS TO POLE AT THE STUDIO WITH SELECT CLASSES EXCLUDED. If for any reason you would like a class with only women, please contact the studio via email @ or phone call/text @ 509-850-0372. Always leave a message. Everyone must participate in classes, as spectators are only allowed during select classes such as Stage Night. The studio reserves the right to decline services to anyone if studio rules are not being followed or if any action deems inappropriate.

Please refer to cancellation policy for reschedules/cancellation. You must cancel/reschedule AT LEAST 12 hours prior to class time or you forfeit your class. More than 2 reschedules of the same class will also forfeit your class. No exceptions. No refunds.

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Create an account/log in to complete online waiver, view your bookings, cancel/reschedule classes.

Quick Class Overview
This is just a brief class overview. For full class info refer to tabs at the top of this page.

Stay home if you are not feeling well.

 If you would like a one on one please sign up for a private lesson.


60 Minutes

START HERE and learn your basics, what to expect from the studio & what is expected of you. This is the pre-req to all other classes (Select Workshops/ Couples Candlelight Night excluded). This is an intro to the studio, YOU MUST TAKE THIS CLASS FIRST for liability purposes. You only need to take this class once.


60 Minutes


Build your foundational skills!

Level: 1 - Beginner

You must take Pre Req Studio Intro before taking this class.


Build your foundational skills to set yourself up for success throughout your whole pole journey!

Classes will range from introduction to new moves, spins, floor work, small combos, static pole, conditioning and stretching. All your groundwork!

Take this class as many times as you need. This class is fully focused on the foundational moves & skills.


60 Minutes


Let's start to rise off the ground!

Level: 1&2 - Beginner


You must take Pre Req Studio Intro before taking this class.

Focus will be on prepping our bodies for the moves that require more strength & skin friction & start taking things off the ground.

Classes will consist of more difficult groundwork, basic aerial moves, combos, static/spin pole, pole sits, pole climbs, isolated muscle conditioning, & stretching.  

Take this class as many times as you need. This class is focused on building our bodies for the next level. 


60 Minutes


Let's start going upside down!

Level: 2&3 - Intermediate


You must take Pre Req Studio Intro before taking this class.

Let's take things up a notch & start integrating all our groundwork & aerial moves with next level moves added plus start going upside down! 

Classes will range from more difficult spins, floor work, small combos, climbs, sits, static/spin pole, inverts, aerial moves, conditioning and stretching. We won't always go upside down, sometimes we may just work on level 2&3 difficulty moves.

Make sure you are able to do a solid Chopper, climbs & mastered moves from Conditions prior to taking this class. 


Take this class as many times as you need. This class is focused on integrating all our combined foundational ground work, aerial moves, & inversions. 


60 Minutes


Advanced skills for the seasoned poler!

Level: 3+ - Advanced

You must take Pre Req Studio Intro before taking this class.


This class is for the seasoned poler with a solid grasp of climbs & inverts who wish to expand their pole vocabulary with even more advanced tricks & movements.


Make sure you are able to do anything, or at least try! This class is for when you are prepared to try any and all moves. You should have a solid knowledge base and strength base to attempt some of the hardest moves.

Make sure you have mastered moves listed in Inversions prior to taking this class. 


All ages 5 years and up are welcome! (Some classes excluded)


Accompanying parent/Legal guardian & minor must take Pre Req Studio Intro.

Please refer to the main class tab for Pre Req Studio Intro for all information on rules regarding minors. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULES. If minor shows up without parent/legal guardian to sign waiver, minor will NOT be able to attend & will forfeit class.


Keep an eye out for All Ages Workshops for specific All Ages classes. Otherwise all classes are run normal.


ColLab Creations

60 mins

You must take Pre Req Studio Intro before taking this class.

Ideas can be so much better when combined so lets collaborate & create something! Whether it is coming up with routines, illusion dance, theatrical, fun shapes to pose in, you name it, lets try it!

Throw different outfits & shoes in your pole bag just in case as you never know what we will end up doing!

This class is also great for prepping for Stage Night.


60 mins

You must take Pre Req Studio Intro before taking this class.

Throw on your Pleasers, dress up if you want & lets play!

Fun party lights will be on for this class as we learn a routine. Most of our heels classes tend to be choreography.


Heel101 is for the very basics of heels. 

Heel Beginner is for slower paced/easier moves routines.

Heel Intermediate/Advanced is for those faster paced/harder moves routines.

Follow us on social media via Facebook or Instagram for updates on theme of the night.  


Open Pole

You must take Pre Req Studio Intro before taking these classes.

Independent practice for 60 mins  during Open Pole! 


(NO tutorials. No teaching others. Collaborating mutual moves with others is permitted). There is no class instruction for either as these are all independent practice times.


You can sign up for Open Pole under any class time besides the Pre Req Studio Intro by going to class tab of desired time. Let instructor know you'd like to just open pole at the beginning of class. 


After Hours Open Pole is also now offered at a discounted rate under the After Hours Open Pole tab.


(Prices & time may vary)

Themes will vary. A lot of times we will have things such as strip tease (strictly women) & chair dance. As available, we will have other workshops such as ballet technique, belly dancing, and more. Check main sign up page for workshop theme.


Cover Charge may vary

Studio Performance

Show off your skills & hard earned moves! Open to friends and family to come watch!

Themes may vary. You can either piece an entire routine together, or simply show off anything you learned. This night is for sharing our hard work, having fun & expressing ourselves! 

Church Candles

$105 - 60 Minutes

Spice it up with a romantic date night!

Rent the studio & dance for your partner! Comes with complementary cider & sweet treat!

Reservation required. (Can reserve different days of week)